CLTD Certification

Move your Logistics career forward with the APICS CLTD certification.

The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation will set you apart from your peers, make you more valuable to your organization and position you for success. 


The APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD) designation provides a comprehensive body of knowledge, best practices and standards for those in the logistics, transportation and distribution industries. The APICS CLTD designation serves the needs of both professionals and employers around the world by reducing the impact of industry skills gaps as well as assisting employers in developing the personnel needed to meet customer demand and impact bottom-line results.

Topics covered in this designation include:

Logistics fundamentals
Logistics strategy within the supply chain
Logistics planning
Capacity and demand management
Order management
Warehousing strategy
Lean logistics
Warehouse management
Materials handling
Transportation fundamentals including:
– Modes
– Routing
– Carrier selection
– Documentation

 Global logistics considerations including:
– Infrastructure
– Regulatory framework
– Customer
– Payment options
– Currency
– Tax

Logistics network design including:
– Facilities location
– Layout
– Risk management
Reverse logistics
Sustainability and logistics

One career - One credential - One choice—CLTD

Prepare for the APICS CLTD exam

The APICS CLTD Learning System is a comprehensive program that serves as a professional development and exam preparation tool. A combination of print and web-based study tools, the Learning System also includes a free download of the current APICS CLTD Exam Content Manual.
There are several ways to use the Learning System. Select the plan that works best for you.

Independent study – Purchase the Learning System to prepare at your own pace…

Instructor-led courses – Offered by recognized APICS instructors around the world, you get the benefit of interacting with instructors and industry peers in a classroom environment.

Corporate or group learning – Groups interested in preparing for the APICS CLTD exam have onsite training options to meet their needs.

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