New CPIM (Reconfigured)

APICS has reconfigured CPIM and the new structure will be available from Sept 2017.

The new CPIM has 2 parts. Part -1 consists of just 1 module, Basics of Supply Chain Management with it's own 3.5 hour exam and 150 multiple choice questions. Part - 2 consists of 4 modules, SMR (Strategic Management of Resources), MPR (Master Planning of Resources), DSP (Detailed Scheduling and Planning and ECO (Execution and Control of Operations). Part-2 has another exam of 3.5 hours covering all the above 4 modules in 150 multiple choice questions.

The APICS CPIM Learning System offers an all-in-one streamlined program designed to prepare you for the updated format of the CPIM certification exam. These online learning tools provide a personal path to success through interactive web-based study tools that test your understanding and retention of the topics learned in the reading materials. You have access to all the web-based study tools for one year.


  • Complete the Pre-test to determine your current knowledge and identify areas for improvement.
  • Create a SmartStudy plan using your Pretest results to identify your most challenging topics and estimate study time.


  • Access the online or offline electronic version of the reading materials to view content on the go.
  • Take the Section Quizzes to test knowledge retention and eceive immediate feedback.

  • Interact with real-life scenarios in a Case Study designed to help reinforce key concepts.

  • Study Flashcards to reinforce your memory of key terms, concepts, and definitions.

  • Review Reports to track your results and progress.


  • Complete a Post-test with content drawn from the APICS CPIM ECM.
  • Complete the Practice Exams that are weighted and timed to mirror the computer-based CPIM exams to gain experience and confidence.

  • Access additional information about the certification exam, study tools, and test-taking tips;

    The online tools will enhance your learning experience whether you are studying on your own or under the guidance of an instructor-led course.


Download the new CPIM brochure here

Maintaining Your APICS Credentials

  • CPIM and CFPIM designees must maintain certification credentials every five years by participating in a variety of professional development activities. Below are a range of documents to assist you to maintain.

    As of 15 July 2014, NZPICS can no longer assist members with a subsidy for CPIM/CFIPM or CSCP Maintenance as APICS have on online maintainance tool. Visit for more information and to access "CPIM Certification Maintenance Bulletin".

For the latest APICS bulletin on maintaining your CPIM, CSCP and CLTD or to access the online maintenance tool follow this link.

  • NZPICS Information for APICS Certification Maintenance

    pdfCPIM Maintenance - How to achieve it and the benefits to you

    The Certification Maintenance program upholds both the objectives of the CPIM and CFPIM programs and APICS' vision to promote lifelong learning. The program recognizes that individuals are at various levels in their careers, come from a variety of industries, have differing educational needs and career goals, and have varying degrees of access to continuing education. Requirements for maintaining certification can be met through a variety of professional development activities.

    Certification Maintenance Program Requirements

    To maintain your hard-earned CPIM or CFPIM designations, you must demonstrate that you have participated in a variety of professional development activities. CPIMs must earn 75 professional development points and CFPIMs must earn 100 professional development points. The certification maintenance program runs in five-year intervals, commencing from the date of initial certification and ending on the last day of the month that initial certification was received.