What Our Students Say

"As a recent graduate of CPIM, I have found that the course has given me a broader understanding of the Supply Chain and has allowed ideas and strategies to come into play within the work environment.The ability to operate tactically whilst keeping a strategic overview has been of immense help and CPIM has provided that ability. The course provides benefits to all layers of the Supply Chain and is well worth undertaking. The small classroom sessions are great for being able to ask questions to understand the concepts and to network with fellow Supply Chain professionals."

Iain Murphy, CPIM

"Earlier this year I completed my CPIM Qualification. Best thing I ever did. I had been a Production Planner for many years before I decided to upskill my qualifications starting with APICS Basics in Supply Chain Management. The added knowledge I gained from that course gave me the incentive to continue on and complete all of the courses. This has helped all aspects of my roll immensely, and at work my APICS Dictionary is now my most used reference book. I would highly recommend the CPIM courses to any person working within the Production Planning and inventory fields."

Patricia Cuming, CPIM

"I had been in Supply Chain for many years in various roles, in Inventory Management, Sales Operations, Procurement, and Production Planning. But being an Engineer by qualification, I always wondered if my knowledge in Supply Chain gained by work experience is specific to my company only , and how do Operations work worldwide. I always wondered if I have joined all dots in Operations. But doing CPIM changed all that. Not only has this enhanced my knowledge of end to end Operations, but also using the professional terminology in day to day work gives immense satisfaction and confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to enhance their knowledge and further their career in Supply Chain".

Vibha Arora, CPIM

In 2009 NZPICS surveyed a random selection of past and present students along with graduate members and this is a selection of their feedback

What made you choose our qualification(s)?

  • Internationally recognised papers & work support
  • Wide spread acceptance of this qualification was a major bearing on my choice
  • Broad range of subjects
  • Relevance to my occupation
  • Covers all aspects of supply chain management & up to date with current environment
  • Career Growth on completion of CPIM
  • What benefits have you gained from our course(s)?


  • Greater thought process & understanding of supply chain from different perspectives not limited to my industry
  • I learnt a lot, gained lots of experience, was able to apply theory to every day experiences
  • Understand change management better so can apply to personal situations
  • Better understanding of supply chain. Met new people & learnt from their experiences. More employable.
  • By doing course today I have a job I really enjoy & love. It has helped me turn my passion into a profession.
  • Exposure to new people and new ideas around supply chain planning
  • Increased knowledge, skills and confidence, more employment options


  • Good networking and ability to get a range of ideas from other businesses
  • Has immensely contributed to the understanding of my tasks & activities I do on the job
  • Better understanding of ERP based systems
  • Better understanding of supply chain function & use it everyday as part of my jo
  • Helped me understand the reasoning of plants making decisions and helped me with forecasting
  • More prepared to deal with issues & implement new ideas. Thought of more highly by managers.
  • I have gained a promotion & assisted in the implementation of a new computer system
  • Certification, knowledge gained & confidence & networking ability
  • Course has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me.
  • Promotion
  • Gained a lot of practical knowledge about shop floor control in real situations
  • Better supply chain production management
  • Great leap in career knowledge, open mind for other horizons. Fantastic access to information & updated material

What has your employer gained from you having done these courses?

  • A greater understanding of planning processes to improve efficiencies and reduce waste within the business
  • A more aware employee that can add value through knowledge
  • My knowledge of the MRP process
  • A greater understanding of SCM. To introduce new ideas to the SC team.
  • All staff are qualified and talking the same universal language
  • New ideas implemented in their business to improve the bottom line
  • Now I have completed I am much more ably equipped to handle the rapidly changing environment.
  • I think my employer has got real value for money
  • Higher standard of work. I can now put into practice the things I have learnt.
  • I couldn't do my current role without the knowledge of CPIM.
  • Better run organisation
  • Added value from my skills & knowledge
  • Better stock control
  • A supply chain member with an understanding of each team members input and not just the persons own area
  • Flow on of ideas and education to other associates in the business
  • Lots of value since every knowledge I get with NZPICS can be used in my day to day tasks and responsibilities