On the day of your exam

Attend your  CPIM/CLTD/CSCP exam at your nominated Pearson VUE Exam Centre.

On the day of your exam:

Reporting to the test center

  • Candidates must check in at the test center no later than 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment.
  • Candidates who arrive past this time may be refused admission to the test center and may lose their exam appointment.
  • Furthermore, they may be considered a no-show and may forfeit the full exam fee.

What to bring

Candidates must bring a valid (bearing a future expiration date) primary identification that includes a
recent photograph and signature:

  • Driver’s license (except in China)
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • State ID
  • Company ID (except in China)

They also must bring a valid secondary identification that includes their signature:

  • Credit card
  • Check cashing card
  • Citizenship card
  • APICS membership card
  • Another ID from the primary list

The test center staff verifies only the first and last name on the IDs provided to ensure they match the first
and last name on the exam registration. No temporarily issued identification is accepted. Candidates who
do not bring these items on exam day or whose name on the registration does not match their IDs will be
denied admission to the examination. They will be considered a no-show and will forfeit the full exam fee.
Candidates who do not have a primary ID that meets the above requirements due to local standards
should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

An online computer calculator is available during each computer-based exam, but bringing a simple
nonprogrammable calculator into the exam room is also permitted.

English-native language translation books are the only written materials candidates may bring into the
exam room. These books should contain only the literal translation of English words, and should not
include a description of the meaning of the word. The test center manager will inspect these books before
candidates are admitted to the testing room.

What not to bring

  • APICS Dictionary in any language
  • books or papers of any kind
  • protractors, compasses, rulers, stencils, digital assistants or other aids
  • electronic devices of any kind, including mobile phones and electronic dictionaries
  •  food, drinks or tobacco
  • visitors

Test security

Testing is monitored through the use of one or more of the following: a viewing window, a video monitor or a
sound-monitoring device in the room. Testing sessions may be photographed or videotaped to ensure the
integrity of the APICS certification process.


No breaks are scheduled during the exam. If a candidate must leave the room during the exam, they must
notify the test center manager. Timing will not stop during a break.


The test center manager is authorized to dismiss candidates from a test session for the following reasons:

  • Creating a disturbance
  • Giving or receiving help
  • Using notes, books, wristwatch calculators, digital assistants, electronic dictionaries or other aids
  • Using electronic devices, including mobile phones
  • Attempting to remove scratch paper from the testing room
  • Attempting to tamper with the computer
  • Attempting to remove test questions (in any format) from the testing room
  • Failing to follow the test center manager’s directions
  • Sharing exam content