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Principles of Operations Management (PoOM)

The Principles of Operations management program for an organisation’s unique training needs. The program is designed for a wide range of participants; from new supply chain personnel seeking foundational knowledge to cross-functional education for senior managers.

The various modules each provide staff with the skills to make informed decisions and the ability to achieve a better level of performance.

Who is this course intended for?

Organisations wanting to address specific operational challenges within their organisation.

Cross-training for employees.

Those looking to get foundational training in specific parts of the supply chain.

Why Study PoOM

The Principles course is based on a global best practice in Operations management and is a benchmark for filling the knowledge gaps in an organisation. It is custom-designed with the workforce in mind. It provides a solid foundational operations management knowledge for professionals of all educational backgrounds and levels of work experience.

PoOM program content

The principles program consists of five separate modules. You can choose to take each module as a whole, create a custom learning experience by selecting specific sessions from a module or combine sessions from multiple modules.

This course introduces the foundations of distributions and logistics management. The topics discussed are the basics of logistics management, principles and activities of warehouse management, transportation management and operations, distribution channel design and more.

This course provides employees with a greater understanding of their roles through functional knowledge and understanding of inventory management principles and techniques, replenishment policies, Just-in-time and lean methodologies and the essential skills needed to apply basic principles of inventory management.

This course provides training in the fundamental knowledge and understanding required for basic manufacturing planning principles and techniques that are used at each level in the planning process, from strategic to tactical.

This course provides an introduction to the core concepts and activities of modern manufacturing management. Topics include, manufacturing management fundamentals, Material requirements planning (MRP), Lean production management, advanced scheduling and more.

This course provides the fundamental knowledge of operational process management and design, needed when operating in the manufacturing and distribution sector. Topics include, processes and operations, project management, total quality management, process improvement and optimization and more.

Course Modules

The program is comprised of five modules, each with their own set of sessions. Sessions can be mixed and combined from different modules into a program that best suits your needs.
Inventory ManagementOperations PlanningManufacturing ManagementDistribution and LogisticsManaging Operations
1.Operations Management
2.Fundamentals of Inventory
3.Purpose and function of
4.Inventory Replenishment
5.Additional Inv. Replenishment,
Techniques,& Inventory,
6.Lean Inventory – Theory
& Practice,
7.Foundation of Purchasing,
8.Sourcing Strategies,
9.PO Management &
Performance Measurement
1.Operations Management Foundation,
2.Planning Foundations,
4.Demand Management,
5.Sales &
Operations Planning (S&OP),
6.Aggregate Operations
8.Master Scheduling
Process,Operations Systems
1.Operations Management Foundation,
2.Introduction to
Manufacturing Management,
Product Structures,
4.Basics of Material Requirement Planning (MRP),
5.Managing with MRP,
6.Capacity Planning and Management,
7.Production Activity Control,
8.Advanced Scheduling,
9.Lean Production Management
1.Operations Management Foundation
2.Introduction to Distribution & Logistics
3.Channel Network Design
4.Inventory Management
5.Distribution Requirement Planning
6.Warehouse Management
7.Packaging and Materials Handling
8.Transportation Management
9.Transportation Operations
1.Operations Management Foundation
2.Processes & Operations
3.Project Management
4.Product Design and Development
5.Process Design Strategies
6.Total Quality Management
7.Statistical Quality Control
8.Process Improvement & Optimisation
9.Organisational Management,& Performance

Course dates

Dates are customised accordingly to your requirements

Course Pricing

Please contact NZPICS to discuss a customised solution that will meet your needs

Exam Info

Two Optional exams per course