Why Become an NZPICS member

Elevate your career with NZPICS membership

For over 42 years, members relied on NZPICS to deliver world-class certification and career advancement resources. The supply chain landscape has been changing at an increasingly rapid pace, fuelled by technological advances, consumer demands and more.

NZPICS continues to provide the industry-leading APICS certifications you’ve come to trust, combined with expanded offerings—new products, new partnerships, new information about the latest trends in the industry—designed to elevate your supply chain career.

NZPICS membership provides you with a range of benefits including, but not limited to, discounted courses, free networking events, discounts to partner events, access to online resources through our website, access to our Supply Chain Job Board and the ability to join our local chapters.

Benefits of Becoming an NZPICS Member

Discounted APICS Courses
NZPICS membership entitles you to APICS program discounts.

Seminars and Workshops
Attend our courses, events and workshops with. Also helps towards your APICS Certification maintenance points

Expand your professional network and connect with other like-minded supply chain professionals

APICS Library
Access to the with the latest books on Supply Chain and Operations management (with ASCM Membership)

Site Visits
Join us as we tour around supply chain management opportunities.Also helps towards your APICS Certification maintenance points

Discounted Events/Conferences
Get discounted entry to NZPICS affiliated workshops and events. Also helps towards your APICS Certification maintenance points.

Membership includes access to our entire NZPICS library of resources.

Customised Training
NZPICS can customers our offering to suite your needs

Who should join APICS


Deepen your understanding of Supply Chain & Operations management knowledge and applications.
Connect and network with other supply chain professionals.
Employers ask for our certifications because we set the standard.

Supply Chain / Ops professionals

Quickly gain fluency in supply chain frameworks and trends.
Connect and network with like-minded supply chain professionals.
APICS Qualification will help

1.Increase your job prospects
2.Contributes to salary increase
3.Increases individual recognition
4.Increase your marketability

Supply Chain / Ops Management Practitioners

Join a globally recognized network of certified supply chain experts
Opportunities to teach at NZPICS
Helps shape the supply chain / operations management community by delivering seminars / workshops.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership of NZPICS is available to entities with a high level of commitment and
contributes to the sustainability and growth of Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations Management
profession and professionals in their operations and New Zealand Inc.

Corporate membership is a great way in assisting NZPICS in its endeavours to elevate the knowledge
base, raise industry performance standards, and promote greater awareness and visibility of the
supply chain and operations management profession in New Zealand.

Ready to step up your career?