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SCOR-P Endorsement

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) program builds professionals with knowledge of the SCOR model, so they will be able to apply the major components of the SCOR framework (Plan, Make, Source, Deliver, Return and Enable). Which helps companies increase the speed of system implementations, inventory turns and drive measurable supply chain improvement and business performance. SCOR-P is an endorsement that does not require maintenance.

Who is this course intended for?

Professionals in departments such as Production management, Operations, Supply chain management, Procurement, Materials management and Inventory management.

Why Study SCOR-P

The SCOR-P endorsement provides a practical method for assessing the skills and competencies of supply chain professionals. It establishes benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of SCOR training. By the conclusion of this course, participants will know how to implement the SCOR-P framework and develop their own SCOR-P improvement program.

SCOR-P program content

SCOR-P is typically delivered over a three-day course

Overview of the building blocks of the SCOR framework.

We teach you how to apply the four parts of the SCOR framework (Performance, Processes, Practices, People, and Green SCOR) to projects.

We teach you the processes involved with the final implementations of the framework and how to develop a SCOR improvement program.

Course Pricing / Course Dates

SCOR-P is a 3-day course that is arranged on-demand. Please contact NZPICS for pricing and date options.

Exam Info


The SCOR-P exam comprises of one exam of 2 hours and consists of 60 multiple-choice questions
Exams are undertaken at an authorized Pearson Vue testing centre.

The SCOR-P exam score range is 200 to 350. Scores 300 points and above are considered passing, and any score 299 point or below is failing.