About Principles

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Now more than ever, it is crucial for organizations to adapt to the changing landscape of operations management. The APICS Principles program will keep you ahead of your competition by educating employees who are new to operations management, filling in educational gaps in your workforce, or cross-training non-operations employees in operations management concepts and applications.

Build Customised Training Solutions and Fill Knowledge Gaps…

The APICS Principles program has been designed to fit the specific needs of organizations with employees who have a variety of educational backgrounds, experience, and learning requirements.

The principles program consists of five courses. You can choose to take each APICS Principles course as a whole, create a custom learning experience by selecting specific sessions from a course or combine sessions from multiple courses, or select from one of our many suggested combinations to address your specific business needs.

Flexible learning options

Ideally suited for organizations wanting to educate an operations management team, the APICS Principles program offers the flexibility you need for your employees to succeed.

With on-site, instructor-led courses, your employees can learn the foundations of operations management as a team, enhancing their learning experience.

Contact NZPICS Client Services team to learn more about on-site learning, as well as off-site options for APICS Principles courses.

The APICS Principles course is the learning program that is a custom-fit for you and your employees.

APICS Principles of Operations Management Programme is designed to give organisations and their employees a solid foundational knowledge in the field of operations management. The programme will provide staff with the skills to make informed decisions and the ability to achieve a better level of performance.

Principles Modules

  • Principles of Distribution and Logistics
  • Principles of Inventory Management
  • Principles of Operations Planning
  • Principles of Manufacturing Management
  • Principles of Managing Operations

This Programme is both flexible and complete. It can be customised to suit every organisation and situation. Choose onsite or offsite instructor-led courses. Contact the NZPICS office today for more information.

Principles course

Take APICS Principles courses in their entirety for the most comprehensive educational experience.

The APICS Principles program: An overview

APICS Principles is a program that includes five courses which are divided into sets of 11 sessions, including two tests. APICS Principles courses will provide your employees with a foundational knowledge of the principles, methods, techniques, and language of operations management, and an understanding of how operations management strategies impact your organization. Also available are advanced topics for employees who already have a background in operations management.

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Why Principles

Here is why from our team's feed back:

  • The course covers everything from operational point of view.
  • It was not just a brief outline of the course. It has more substance. It outlines how everything worked together and how everything connects in the chain from strategic to transactional processes.
  • It was a good overview. It gives you more knowledge on what is happening with other areas of the business. It was all layout in a very detailed manner.
  • The course was a lot to take in for some participants and too much for one time. Some of the terms and topics were not what we were using in the business. The instructor did the best to explain how the APICS course (which is mainly based in USA industry) can be tailored-fit to how NZ business works.
  • It builds a good solid platform of understanding Supply Chain.
    The recommendation on having an in-house discussion within the team about the principles, learning and how to apply the relevant topics to the business.
  • Understand the practical applications of the course, the reason how and why we do current business practices.
  • Having a common platform on APICS terminologies and how we use such terminologies in Sealed Air Auckland business.
  • The course was really good and very interesting. The best part for some of the participants is related to the warehouse, transportation and logistics. These topics were good baseline knowledge for the team who is working in that area.
  • There has been a realignment of businesses and practices. It has provided opportunity for the rest of the team to understand how other parts/areas of the business works"